Pre-Conference Care and Conservation Seminar with Melanie Fihelly

This fabulous event was held as a pre-confernence seminar, just prior to the 2020 Small Museums and Galleries Conference.

Topics covered at the seminar included:

Introduction to the causes of deterioration

  • Light
  • Temperature and relative humidity
  • Pest and mould
  • Handling and visitors
  • Physical forces
  • Dissociation, neglect, displacers
  • Thieves and vandals
  • Disasters, fire, water
  • Oxygen, water
  • Inherent vice, hazardous materials
  • Off-gassing, incorrect storage & display materials
  • Poor support during storage and display
  • Pollutants
  • Dust and dirt
  • Standardising practises and routines

Understanding collection objects

  • Identifying damage to objects and condition reporting
  • Object handling – identifying risks and developing handling procedures

Cleaning collection objects

  • Conservation cleaning – the special needs of heritage objects and buildings
  • Over the counter products compared to conservation materials
  • Assembling a cleaning kit, advice on cleaning products and materials
  • Extent of cleaning and when to contact a Conservator for treatment and advice

Protecting objects and making suitable storage supports

  • Storage and Display materials
  • Manufacturing supports – demonstration