Historic Ormiston House Garden Tour with Chris Brauns

Chris Brauns gave a fabulous tour of the Historic Ormiston House Gardens during the 2020 Small Museums and Galleries Conference! During the tour, guests explored the beautiful historically and horticulturally valuable grounds of Historic Ormiston House! Chris oversees the care of our gardens at Historic Ormiston House, and he has a wealth of more than 40 years’ experience in horticulture, plant breeding and plant nutrition. Chris was the head gardener at Government House for five years, he has worked in the research department at the University of Queensland, he owned a Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory, and developed hydroponics on a neighbourhood scale, which was presented on Gardening Australia.

The Historic Ormiston House gardens include both historically and horticulturally important plants that delight our visitors with both their beauty and significance. The gardens were brought to life in a way many of our guests had never experienced. This was a wonderful opportunity to share in the beauty and joy of the Historic Ormiston House Gardens – proof that heritage can be found not only in a museum or building, but in the surrounding landscape!