Celebrations at Ormiston House!

Last weekend we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the formation of the restoration committee at Ormiston House. In addition to the 50th anniversary of the formation of the committee, we also celebrated all those who started restoring the House before the committee was officially formed.

To mark the occasion, we invited as many former committee members as possible to a celebration held on the Ormiston House verandah. Guests enjoyed a beautiful High Tea, catered by the wonderful Steve from Zyka’s Kitchen. Guests were entertained by John Ellis and George Williamson, violinist Camille Barry, bass baritone Andrew Collis, and soprano Ashleigh Denning. What beautiful music!

Our Honorary Administrator, Duchesne Barry, and Resident Historian, Jessica Stroja, spoke about the importance of the day and acknowledged the many years of work that have allowed Ormiston House to be opened to the public.

Each committee member was also presented with a souvenir book that chronicled the restoration of the House. This limited edition booklet includes beautiful photographs from the House’s history, right up to the present day. Our Resident Historian compiled this beautiful record of the restoration to date, and we would like to thank our local Harvey Norman Store (Cleveland) who very generously sponsored the printing of the souvenir booklet.

This marks only the beginning of the Ormiston House journey! We look forward to many more years of wonderful history, friendships and community, all thanks to our wonderful, dedicated volunteers!

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