Volunteers afternoon tea

The volunteers at the house do an amazing job so to recognise all of that hard work we had an afternoon tea on the verandah to say thank you.  The gardens looked so beautiful and lush due to all the rain so here are some photos of the house and surrounds followed by a few of the volunteers having a good time!

Sadly one of our dear volunteers, Ina passed away recently. Ina had helped in the kitchen and served teas for many years and she will be sadly missed. Paul Field talked about her last visit to the house, how much it meant to her and how she really didn’t want to leave that day. We were all very moved. Rest in peace Ina – your beauty, laughter and friendship will not be forgotten.

Meg O’Driscoll was recently awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for her many years servicing the community in nursing and volunteer work. Meg is an absolute inspiration to us all and we are very proud that she has been awarded this honour. Congratulations Meg! To mark this occasion Jan Bird presented Meg with a large Begonia from all of the volunteers.

I hope you enjoy the photos below.

All images copyright 2015 Lynette Rees of www.esprit-studios.com, specialising in portraits, weddings, events and headshots.

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